2017. december 19., kedd

From the ashes...

Well, that was a long pause - but I'm alive, and I'm back :) Actually I wasn't that idle in the last weeks (regarding beading and other crafts, I mean), I was just too lazy for blogging about them.
And as for the title: fitting for this re-awakening, flames will spring indeed in this post ;) Well, not actual ones, but sort of...

The colours of fire... glowing, passionate reds, bright oranges and yellows, noble golden and copper - they are undoubtedly beautiful, but somehow not really my colours, in most cases I prefer cold hues.
But sometimes I can't resist, because there are so many gorgeous beads in this shades...

...like for example the new "Scarlet" colour by Swarovski. For me "Light Siam" was a bit too bright, and "Siam" althogh lovely, but for some projects already too dark . But this "Scarlet", it's just a perfect shade of red!
I bought more chatons and rivolis in this colour in order to try them in different combinations.

This was the first try (because I couldn't choose between gold and silver, so black became the "tertius gaudens"). I know, the picture is terrible, but I was in a hurry...
The only problem is (and that's my problem with every reddish jewelry): what shall I do with it? I can't wear it, doesn't fit my style... I could imagine this little cutie for example on the neck of a Spanish senorita, a tango-dancer or something... but definitely not on me :)

 And the next one... if somebody had said a few months ago, that I would use orange in a beaded project, i would have laughed about it. It was totally-absolutely never-ever my colour... But the "Tangerine" Swarovski crystals (maybe it too is a new shade, I don't know) looked so gorgeous in the bead shop, I had to give them a try. And well, if in for a penny, in for a pound... the tangerine rivoli needed some matching bicones too.
The result was this "Blossom of fire", a variation of my "Silver Cristal"-pendant, using bicones in the following shades: sunflower, tangerine, scarlet and garnet (now thinking about it, dark siam would have been better...)

To be continued in the next post... ;)

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Wow, these pendants are really great. The black and red colors from the first pendant are fitting perfectly. And the second pendant really glows like the sun.

  2. Hallo Teréz,

    ich glaube, da muss ich mir diese neue Farbe Scarlet auch mal live ansehen. Dein Anhänger gefällt mir auf jeden Fall sehr gut und kombiniert mit schwarz wirkt er sehr feurig und tatsächlich genau passend für eine Tango-Tänzerin!
    Der kleinere Anhänger in gold-orange gefällt mir besonders gut von der Form und Dreidimensionalität, es sieht aus wie eine Seerose.

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. "Blossom of fire" der Name passt!!! Mensch ist der Anhänger schööön! Ein kleines "Feuerwerk". Die Farbe "Tangerine" habe ich vorher noch nicht richtig wahrgenommen, werde sie mir jetzt aber sicher merken.
    Liebe Grüße